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The Quietest Dog Breeds would be the best dogs for people who live in the apartment. Some people live in the apartment, and the dog is about to take into account the problem of the disturbance, because some people like quiet households, or sleep poorly, may cause a bad mood and even insomnia. What kind of dog can be relatively quiet? This article will give you some kind of quiet dog. The Pyrenees mountain dog’s body is strong and coordinated, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic, with imperial demeanor. Full of confidence, gentle and friendly, calm and patient, responsible, loyal and brave, it is the most powerful breed of dog today, and can faithfully stick to its job under all kinds of climate conditions. The big white bear dog gives the impression that it is very elegant and beautiful, he combines the huge figure and majestic temperament, his coat is white or mainly white Rottweiler is clever and sensible, stable in personality, absolutely loyal to his master, good at distinguishing between good and evil, obeying the command and obeying the master's command. rottweiler was tough and calm and confident. He likes to see his family all the time, so rottweiler follows the hostess around the room. It is difficult to train rottweiler. They should be trained strictly when they are puppies, otherwise, it will be difficult for their owners to control them in adulthood. There has been a record of rottweiler hurting people abroad. As long as it is carefully adjusted, it can also be a quiet companion dog. Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog, used to be the best helper for shepherds in history, and modern is a favorite dog. It is firm and harmonious, smart, strong and flexible enough to drag or drive herds in the mountains. The Bernese Mountain Dog is majestic, while the female dog is soft. This dog temperament is confident, alert and kind, not neurotic or shy. In the face of strangers, Bernese Mountain Dog will stand firmly where it is and stay cold. Very smart, and good endurance, unaggressive, loyal and easy to tame, but also a good family dog. The above several kinds of dogs are quieter dogs, they do not bark often, suitable for feeding in an apartment with a large number of households. Enjoy learning more information about the quietest dog breeds at!
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