Dog Food

Dog Food
Choosing an appropriate balanced dog food for your new furry friend is essential. Feeding is the best way to keep your pup healthy. If you are a bit getting lost when picking up dry dog foods online; not sure what should be added as side dishes and snacks; have no idea of how much and how often to feed your dog, don't worry and check out here! We prepared all basic feeding information for you!
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Feeding Tips

I know it could be confused for every new pet parent to feed their pups. Questions like how much should I feed, how often should I feed, is there any difference when it comes to feeding puppies and senior dogs, are full of your head. Don't worry, we are here to help you. You only need to read 7 short articles to get enough basic knowledge of feeding tips!

Can Dogs Eat?

The digestive system of dogs is different from the humans. In addition to eating dog food, dogs occasionally add some vegetables or fruits to the dog's nutritional supplement is also very good. There are some foods that dogs can or cannot eat, and some foods can only be eaten in small amounts. If you have a pet with special medical needs, consult a veterinarian before feeding anyone.

Dog Food Recalls

The Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts are available on FDA’s website for three years before being archived. The list below provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products. Not all recalls have press releases or are posted on this page. See Additional information about recalls for a more complete listing.
Adopt a Dog

Hello ! This Is Handsome Rocco!

THIS IS A COURTESY LISTING - PLEASE CONTACT Ingrid (310) 480 6030 Hello Handsome!!!! Rocco is sooooo cute! He's a total ham. Very affectionate, loves to give kisses and Rocco also loves to play ball! He walks pretty good on the leash and is a total lovebug. Rocco is the perfect size at about 55 lbs. and he will make a great companion. Rocco is looking for a calm, adult household with yard access. No apartment/condo situations. There should be a max of 2 adults in the household. He loves to play with other dogs but if there is the dog in the home, the dog will need to be young and Rocco's size or bigger. Come and meet this snugglebunny! Ingrid (310) 480 6030
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