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Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds would bring pleasure and comfort to the dog person who is allergic to dogs. You may want to be a pet parent but unluckily, have an allergy attack. You are not alone. According to studies, around 10% of the people in American are allergic to dogs. But you still can keep a lovely dog. The secret is to choose dogs that shed very little hair. Dogs that shed least are suitable for allergy sufferers. Why are some people allergic to dogs? Most allergy sufferers are afraid of the dander of dogs. Dander is always attached to dog hair. And it causes more pet allergies harmful to people with allergies. So, knowing about what dogs are hypoallergenic is important and essential. At DogTheLove.com, you can find more information about the best hypoallergenic dogs, small hypoallergenic dogs, and big hypoallergenic dogs. All great pets for you are here! What dogs breeds are considered hypoallergenic? You can choose a Bichon-Frise! As an adorable lap dog, they can get along with allergy sufferers. These dogs produce less dander and have soft and fluffy hair. They are kind of ‘non-shedding’ dog, and we need to give them a proper cut and regular grooming. Bichons are trustworthy companions who get along well with kids. What’s more, these dogs fit perfectly in a small apartment with people with sensitive immune systems. The Hairless Chinese Crested is one of the best hypoallergenic dogs. Less hair and dander will reduce dog allergens. And these Chinese Crested as almost no hair. It also means that you don’t need to groom for them frequently. These elegant dogs are friendly and affectionate. And they are easy to train and intelligent. Shih Tzu produces less dander and is a suitable dog breed for these people suffering from dog allergies. Known for their loyalty and friendliness, these dogs have a strong body and soft hair. These pets shed minimally but they also require grooming and brushing regularly. So you don’t need to worry about having an allergic reaction. They are a lovely and gentle lap dog which makes it one of the cute hypoallergenic breed. As a great small hypoallergenic dog breed, Portuguese Water Dog is one of the most famous dogs because President Obama also has one. They are relatively rare and capable of remarkable feats and more adorable. These dogs are becoming increasingly popular among people. They are also incredibly intelligent and prone to training. At DogTheLove.com, you can find many breeds shedding coat do well with allergy sufferers such as giant schnauzer, labrador retrievers, and Irish water spaniel.
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