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Dogs That Save Lives would be the best dogs for people who are in a dangerous environment. Search dogs are professionally trained to perform search and rescue tasks. Search and rescue dogs can be of great help in conducting search and rescue missions in a wide range of natural disaster environments or the presence of a large number of victims. They can effectively narrow the range of searches required to reduce the likelihood of delay in rescue and promote search efficiency. The search and rescue dog dates back to 950 AD. A monk trained a dog on the Swiss-Italian border to help rescue many people who had suffered snow disasters in the mountainous area. The dog became the first search and rescue dog in history. What breed of dog can be trained as a search and rescue dog? In fact, many breeds of dogs have the ability to train to become rescue dogs, in principle, as long as the size is not particularly small or very large dogs, have a good nose, curiosity, enthusiasm for work, endurance, and have good adaptability, usually born in the hound family has the potential to rescue dogs. Besides, according to the different rescue environment, there are some special requirements, such as water rescue dogs not only require dogs to be swimmers but also require good physical fitness, so usually choose some larger dogs, such as Newfoundland, mountain rescue dogs need good physical fitness and suitable for high cold. The ability to wait for fieldwork. Search and rescue dogs work in a wide range of areas, including searching for and rescuing missing people at natural disaster sites, such as earthquake ruins, building collapses, avalanches, mountains, and water surfaces. According to the rescue environment, it can be divided into mountain rescue and water rescue and land rescue. Search and rescue dogs also have to undertake some crime scene search and rescue work. Enjoy learning more information about dogs that save lives at!
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