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Best Breeds for Show Dogs would be given the title of "Best in Show" chosen as the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show based on show rules. Around the world, there are about 180 recognized breeds, and they have different characteristics, temperament, common breed diseases, and conditions. Most breeds can be divided into 4 groups, respectively are Terriers, Working, Sporting, and Non-Sporting Groups. All dog breeds are celebrated at the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show which was first held in 1877. And the most prestigious award ‘Best in Show’ will give to the dogs that past all the strict tests. Each dog person pays close attention to this national dog show breed results. But when it comes to the top prize, not all breeds have the opportunity according to the records. There are the most common breed winners for Westminster Kennel Club's Best in Show. Have you ever wondered what is the best breed winners Westminster dog show? Wire Fox Terriers, the gilded top dog in this show, have swept the award 15 times, most recently in 2019! These dogs are the most successful show dog breeds. With their extraordinary intelligence, incredible agility and cheerful character, these breeds have an overwhelming advantage. These elegant dogs can be amusing, long-lived and faithful companion animals. Besides, Scottish Terrier with the moniker “Little Richard” is special with its distinctive beard and short legs. Known for their confidence and affectionate temper, they have won Best in Show at Westminster 8 times We’re all impressed by Boxer’s appearance. They have a flat face and a muscular body. These athletic dogs are very smart and easy to train. So these dogs are classified under the working group. And they walked away with four Westminster best in show in history. It is worth mentioning that a German Shepherd named Rumor is the Westminster dog show 2017 best in the show, the second German Shepherd to win this prize. At, you will find more information about Westminster dog show winners by breed such as airedale terrier, Doberman pinscher, and the standard poodle.
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