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Most popular dog breeds in America would meet the different needs and tastes of most people. These dogs have captured the hearts of many Americans with their lovely shapes, friendly character, and undying loyalty. what is the most popular dog breed? Maybe people all have their “top dog”.Is your answer the great danes, king charles, or cocker spaniels? Are they on this year's list? According to the list of most popular dog breeds from American Kennel Club, Labrador retriever is the most popular dog breeds 2018. Known for being easy-going, easily trained and good-natured, Labrador held the top spot in registration statistics for longer than any other breed. Labs as the most popular dog breeds in America can not only accompany children or the elderly but also serve as guide dogs to help the blind. You will get more information about the popular breed at Do you know any other popular dog names? With a strong body, agility, and extraordinary physical abilities, German shepherd also is the popular dog breed. They always are full of energy and enthusiasm. Its shape can give people a sense of security. Naturally, they are the best candidates for police dogs. And golden retriever is so gentle, docile and intelligent that people love them so much and build up a magic relationship. Now, there is no doubt that they are one of the most faithful companion dogs. It seems that most Americans like large dogs. However, more and more people love keeping a small size pet. So what is the most popular small dog breeds? French bulldog! They have a lovely and funny appearance, especially their flat noses and bat ears. When you play with them, they are always adaptable and fun-loving. Yorkshire terrier is also one of the most popular small dogs. They have a silky coat and mischievous, loving to play with people. Information about the most popular dog breeds such as australian shepherd and german shorthaired pointer in us will be displayed on And you can get more popular female dog names or popular male dog names at
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