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Choosing a purebred is a great way to find what a dog's looks and personality might be like. Find Variety characteristics, buying advice, and more useful information and facts on over 250 Dog Breeds using our Dogthelove dog breed selector. Explore our list of dog breeds using characteristics such as Intelligence, Exercise Needs and Amount of Shedding.
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Toy Fox Terrier:Breed Profiles,Toy Fox Terrier is playful, silly, and fearless, but he also has a terrier temperament, which is not always easy to live with.
Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Group / XSmall

Tibetan Spaniel:Breed Profiles,Described as part terrier, part monkey, and part cat, The Tibetan Spaniel is independent, bold, and stubborn, but it is also sensitive and biddable.
Tibetan Spaniel

Non-Sporting Group / Small

Transylvanian Hound:Breed Profiles,The Transylvanian Hound is good-natured, courageous, and enduring. At his foundation, he is quiet and even, but also determined and lively.
Transylvanian Hound

Hound Group / Medium

Thai Ridgeback:Breed Profiles,The Thai Ridgeback is tough and active. He is highly intelligent, has a strong survival instinct, and is a loyal family dog.
Thai Ridgeback

Hound Group / Medium

Tibetan Terrier:Breed Profiles,A profusely coated, small-to-medium-sized dog with “snowshoe” feet, the Tibetan Terrier is affectionate, sensitive, and clever.
Tibetan Terrier

Non-Sporting Group / Small

Treeing Tennessee Brindle:Breed Profiles,The Treeing Tennessee Brindle is an exceptionally sturdy and healthy breed. They are intelligent, brave, courageous and loyal companions
Treeing Tennessee Brindle

Hound Group / Medium

Tibetan Mastiff:Breed Profiles,Tibetan Mastiff is the guardian dog supreme. These densely-coated giants are sweetly devoted to family and aloof and territorial with strangers.
Tibetan Mastiff

Working Group / XLarge

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier:Breed Profiles,The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is a lively, friendly, affectionate dog with his family but can be somewhat of a one-person dog.
Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Terrier Group / Small

Tornjak:Breed Profiles,Tornjak is devoted to his master, very calm in his presence and very affectionate towards the people living in his immediate vicinity.

Working Group / Large

Tosa:Breed Profiles,Tosa is normally a tranquil, quiet, and obedient dog, with a calm but vigilant demeanor. He is intelligent, protective and fearless.

Working Group / Large

Taiwan Dog:Breed Profiles,The Taiwan Dog is extremely faithful to his master, keen in sense, alert in movement, bold and fearless.
Taiwan Dog

Working Group / Medium

Treeing Walker Coonhound:Breed Profiles,Treeing Walker Coonhounds thrive on attention and require a large degree of human companionship. He is friendly, confident, and very energetic.
Treeing Walker Coonhound

Hound Group / Large

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