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Dogs are the perfect running partners because most dogs can run with you. They're always ready to go, they eagerly keep pace, and they never complain about being tired. Like the human, you need to train them properly, building up their muscle and tolerance. The ideal jogging companion is low-maintenance and obedient, with energy and endurance. But not every dog is built for running. So what dogs are suitable for running and what dogs can run the longest? This depends on the terrain, season and training. Many breed groups like Shepherds, such as Australian Shepherd, are bred to work all day and that involves heaps of running. Northern breeds like the Huskey or Alaskan Malamute are bred to pull over long distances Some breeds, such as Labrador Retriever, they are always ready for action with extremely high energy and they love to run around. You may also ask when you can run with your puppy? The answer depends on the breed and age of your puppy. Ideally, 2 years old is the standard age in which you can start running long distance with your puppy. You can avoid the risk of long term physical damage until the growth plates have stopped growing. There are some tips for you before you start running with your dog. 1. Start at a comfortable pace. You can start by doing 2-3 miles during your 3-4 runs per week, although your dog can run a marathon, remember to ease any dog into a running program. 2. Rest both for you and your dogs. Most dog trainers recommend at least one-if not two-days of rest for both you and your dogs. 3. Prepare some water before start running. If you are ready to run with your dog for a long distance, remember to prepare some water for your pup, along with a small water dish he can drink out of. If you want to run with your puppy for a long distance, spending some time upfront to find a suitable running dog.
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