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Therapy Dog Breeds would be the best dogs for unhappy people. Sometimes a dog is not only a pet, but it is also a part of the family, the most important thing is that the dog is our most loyal audience. Whenever we encounter setbacks, when we are in a bad mood, we all hope that the dog can come and comfort ourselves. Of course, whenever we see the cute and honest appearance of the dog, our troubles are left behind. Next, the editor of this article will introduce one kind of therapy dog breeds. Many friends who like dogs should have seen the movie of Hachi, smart and loyal Akita dog left a deep impression on everyone. The story based on a true story happened in Japan since 1935, Every morning, eight male all at home watched the Ueno show Saburo go out to work, and then in the evening and into the nearby Shibuya train station to meet him after work to go home. One night, Ueno show Saburo didn't back home, as usual, he suddenly stroke at the university, rescue invalid died, never returned to the train station, but Hachiko still faithfully waiting for him. Akita dogs are intelligent but independent and proud, and even their owners do not like to beg for mercy and listen to what they say. Intelligence is superior to dogs. They are calm, decisive, vigilant, brave but not reckless, never quarreling. These personality characteristics show that Akita dog in the event of a calm thinking and analytical ability to determine the situation and self-confidence. After reading this article, do you want to have your own Akita dog, too? The price of Akita dog is still relatively high, but he is so sensible and obedient that he will be happy to raise him. Enjoy learning more information about therapy dog breeds at!
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