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The Longest-Living Dog Breeds would be the best dogs for single-minded people. Dogs are human best friends, they usually look at us sincerely and affectionately. Human beings can raise many kinds of dogs in their lives, but dogs have only one owner in their lives. Dogs don't live long, but they accompany us all the time. They are loyal animals. So how long does the dog live? The answer is that there are no accurate numbers, because different breeds of dogs live differently, and the editor of this article will tell you which dog lives the longest. Usually, large dogs are more likely to grow older than small dogs, so small dogs generally live longer. The life span of a dog is related to the size of the dog. The life span of a small dog is 15 to 18 years old, that of a medium dog is about 15 years old, and that of a large dog is about 10 years old. Chihuahua dogs are not only cute small pet dogs, but also have the hunting and defensive instinct of large dogs. Petite, the requirement for living space is not high, basically like the space of ordinary residence is enough for them to play. Being able to stay at home every day is perfect for people living in apartments. There is not much exercise, you don't have to spend time taking him out to play, you're not afraid of other dogs, and you're very exclusive to your owner. So the bigger the dog, the shorter the life span, the smaller the dog, the longer the life span. Dog life expectancy is short relative to humans, equivalent to about six to 1/7 of human life, and a more popular saying is that a dog's day is equivalent to our seven days. Of course, we can extend the life span of dogs by scientific feeding methods. Enjoy learning more information about The Longest-Living Dog Breeds at!
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