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The Dumbest Dog Breeds would be welcomed by many people. A dog is a good friend of human beings. Many people can raise dogs at home. They can not only play with themselves but also let the dogs play with the old and children of the family. It is interesting to walk the dog from time to time. But do many people keep dogs because of their beautiful appearance, and don't they consider their intelligence? Each breed of dog has a different IQ, the smartest dog is the Border shepherd, and the stupidest dog is recognized as the Afghan hound. Although the dog is not very famous, its beautiful posture is still very likable. In these stupidest dog rankings, they are rare breeds, but their prices are not low. Let's take a look at some of the stupidest dogs in the world. The Afghan hound is one of the oldest existing hound breeds. This breed is significantly different from other breeds because of its thick, delicate, smooth coat and curly tail at the end. In the special environment of cold mountains in eastern Iran and Afghanistan, they are given these unique appearance features. These characteristics keep their prices high, considered aristocratic dogs, although one of the stupidest dogs, still very popular. Chow Chow is often referred to as Chow, a very ancient breed that may be named for its head resemblance to a lion. The pine lion-dog is a medium-sized dog with a strong physique and square body. it has developed muscles and strong bones. It is one of the favorite dogs of ancient hunters, but it is also not very intelligent. Although the intelligence quotient of these dogs is not high, they look silly is also very cute, I am sure you will like them too! Enjoy learning more information about the dumbest dog breeds at!
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