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Types Of Chihuahua would give more options to those who prefer to small size dog breeds, especially favored with Chihuahua. Firstly, here is a question for you. What is the smallest dog breed in the world? The answer is Chihuahua! Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, and its maximum weight is only 2.7 kg. They have a cute appearance, a small rounded head, and cute eyes. Nowadays, small and smart Chihuahua is gaining more popularity among dog persons. Maybe most people don’t notice that there are several different types of Chihuahuas. According to the American Kennel Club, they classify Chihuahuas as only officially two different types: a short coat or a long coat. Unofficially, people refer to the differences in the dog’s body type, head shape, and coat length and divide them into more various Chihuahua types. Learning about these types, you can choose the right Chihuahua for you according to their different physical preferences. In general, there are 2 official types and 5 unofficial types of Chihuahuas. The long-haired Chihuahua also called long-coated Chihuahua, has a soft and fluffy hair. Although this type of Chihuahua has more hair than others, they don’t need too much brushing and grooming. These dogs don’t shed, you can play with these lapdogs and no need to worry about the hair problem. Most of Chihuahua is intelligent and easy to train. The short-haired Chihuahua looks smarter and playful. This type of Chihuahua breed is also easily groomed and requires minimal maintenance. So they are suitable for people too busy to comb for them. The smooth-Coat Chihuahua has different color variations. They are so beautiful and lovely that you can’t refuse to keep one. There are several specific markers and defined varieties between the Apple-head Chihuahua and deer-head Chihuahua. We can tell from the name. The Apple-head Chihuahua has a well-rounded apple-shaped head. And they are regarded as the real Chihuahua. They also have various coat colors. The deer-head Chihuahua looks like a small deer. This type has cute eyes and a flattened skull. Compared with Apple-head Chihuahua, they are less popular. It is important to note however that you should check whether they have a health problem before buying it. Do you want to learn more about types of Chihuahua breeds such as Teacup Chihuahua, Fawn Chihuahua and Merle coat Chihuahua? Come to DogTheLove.com, you will be satisfied.
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