Cute Dog Names

Cute Dog Names

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Cute dogs are the most adorable pooches on our planet! Don't they? Then they must need a perfect name to match. If you are still struggling for picking up cute dog names, check out this list! We've searched through the database and collected the cutest dog names ever, from cute names for boy dogs to girl dogs, for little dogs to extra large dogs, and for outgoing dogs to quiet dogs. Check out the list to get inspired!
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    Joy, rejoice

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  • 2


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  • 3

    Pure heart

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  • 4

    Yellow stone

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  • 5

    Well loved

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  • 6

    Well behaved, very kind

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  • 7

    Like an Angel

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  • 8

    Favor or Grace

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  • 9

    Gracious, Also from play

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  • 10

    Counsel, wise

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Hello ! This Is Theodore!

*FAMILIES INTERESTED IN THEODORE MUST HAVE ANOTHER DOG AND A FENCED IN YARD* This sweet boy is ready to be a loved pet! Theodore is a 7 year old neutered male Shih Tzu who weighs 21 lbs. Theodore came to All 4 Paws from a commercial kennel after he was no longer wanted for breeding purposes. Now safe in his foster home, Theodore is slowly learning what the life of a cherished indoor pet is like and he's loving every minute of it! Theodore doesn't have a mean bone in his body and is quickly learning to trust those around him. He's got a lot of personality, an adorable smile, and is adapting to his new lifestyle pretty quickly! Being around other dogs seems to give him comfort and he instantly perks up and wags his tail when his canine foster siblings are around. Theodore has never been on leash before so he will need a home with a physically fenced in yard so he can safely enjoy the outdoors. He loves wandering around on the grass and exploring - something he's never been able to do before now! We have no doubt Theodore will flourish in his forever home... all he needs is a patienct and compassionate family to give him a chance. Please help us find Theodore the forever home he's been waiting his entire life for! Interested in adopting? Take the first step and complete an adoption application on our website: We are a foster based organization, so we do not have a facility to visit. Please read our FAQs to learn more: Follow us on Facebook for foster updates and a full list of our adoptable pets:
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