All Dog Names

All Dog Names

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Just about to have a new furry member in your life? Congratulations! But if you are struggling with picking up a perfect name for your baby, here we collect several naming directions for you. Whatever you wanna have a classic chic name or an extraordinary unique name, a lovely name for a girl or a handsome name for a boy, we all have choices for you! Check them out and choose your favorite one!
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  • 1

    single unit; poker card

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  • 2
    Al Fresco

    In the open air

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  • 3

    Story and cartoon star

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  • 4

    Derivative from dog food

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  • 5

    Famous US prison

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  • 6

    Version of the name “Alfred”; counselor, guide

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  • 7

    Type of animal with soft fur

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  • 8

    This can be like Andre the Giant (wrestler)

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  • 9

    At the very top of

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  • 10

    Destroyer; also space missions

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Hello ! This Is Luna!

Hi I'm Luna and I'm an 11 year old chihuahua. I do tend to sleep quite a bit, if you were an 11 year old dog you would be sleeping quite a bit too. I am housebroken and know you are supposed to do your business outside. I will tell you this, I'm not a huge fan of traveling or thunderstorms. I will cuddle and snuggle on my own terms. I love to be with my person and will follow them around. I'm looking for a home to live out my golden years so young children are probably not ideal. I've been around some of the cats here at the shelter and really don't mind them. I'd need to meet any other dogs that might be in the home I am considering living in. Fill out an application at
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