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Planning to fly with your dog? While air travel can be a quick way to get dogs or pets from one place to another, you should always plan ahead and make sure you know airlines have different policies about transporting pets. Some allow pets to travel in the aircraft cabin as part of your carry-on luggage allowance, while others will only allow pets to travel in the cargo area, and fees can vary from at all to more than $500. Also, most airlines only allow up to 4 dogs on each flight, so always make sure it is available for your dog BEFORE buying your own ticket. And always notice the airline 48 hours ahead of your trip.

To make your travel easy, please familiarize yourself with current U.S. Travel Regulations or International Pet Travel restrictions before you go. Have a great trip!

Pet Domestic Travel
Pet International Travel
Airline Company Cabin-small Dog allowed
Checked bags Dogs allowed
Important Policies Fees Contact information Service/
Comfort Animal
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Aeroflot Yes Yes

Pets weighing no more than 8 kg/18 lbs with container may be transported in cabin.

Please ensure you know the animal importation rules and quarantine laws of your destination country. To transport animals abroad, you must have a veterinary certificate issued by a state veterinary station plus an importation license.

Veterinary passport 
A medical certificate issued at any state veterinary clinic (form #4 for Moscow residents, form #1 for near-Moscow residents). The certificate contains information on inoculations administered to the animal at certain ages. The last anti-rabies inoculation must have been administered no earlier than one year prior and no later than one month before departure. 
A certificate from one of the two licensed Moscow breeding clubs, SKOR or RKF, stating that the animal presents no breeding value. Certificates obtained from any other club may result in delays at customs. 
Additional important information regarding pet travel can be found at the following: 
+7 (495) 223-55-55 (Moscow) 8-800-444-55-55 (toll free)

The weight of the animal and its container is not included in your free baggage allowance and will be charged as excess baggage.

US 800-736-4192

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Aeromexico No Yes

Health and Vaccination Certs required; healthy with no parasites; reservations must be made in advance with kennel dimensions and pet information. 

$90 each way for any size kennel (cargo)

51334000 in Mexico City or 01(800) 021 4000 toll-free from anywhere in Mexico;     800-237-6639 in the U.S.

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Air Canada Yes Yes

Pets are allowed on domestic Canadian/North American flights; Health Certificate rqd plus some shots. There are many winter blackout days for cargo travel. Dog plus Kennel max. weight in Cabin - 20 pds. 70 pound max. in cargo (with kennel).

$50 to $60 each way (cabin) - $105 to $120 each way (cargo) - North America more elsewhere


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Air France Yes Yes

Pets need to have a European or Pet Passport issued by the French Government verifying health and vaccinations.

Small animals must be transported in an appropriate container of dimensions not exceeding 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. They must travel on the passenger’s lap.
Large animals must be placed in a kennel and must travel in the hold on Air France coaches. If there is no room left in the hold, the passenger must wait for the next coach. 

Pets are required to have a micro-chip. There are some breed restrictions, and check ahead for summer and winter embargos. Pets are allowed aboard Air France coaches at no charge. The rules concerning their transport vary according to theirsize.

Pets are allowed aboard Air France coaches at no charge. The rules concerning their transport vary according to their size.

In the U.S. 800-237-2747

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Alaska Airline/Horizon Airline Yes Yes

Pets may sometimes not be allowed as Chked Bags during   winter months; Health Certificate within 30 days; Now allowed to Hawaii with process at:

$100 each way (cabin), $100 each way (cargo)


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British Air Yes Yes

Pet travel rules changed on 1 January 2012 when the UK brought its procedures into line with the European Union. 


Pets weighing no more than 18 pounds with the kennel may be transported in the cabin. Pets must be micro-chipped; have current vaccinations; tapeworm treatment (for dogs), and travel documentation. Information regarding what you and your vet have to do to bring your dog into the UK can be found at Contact AHVLA’s International Trade Centre for Exports for details of the licensing requirements of the country or territory you are going to at Rules regarding import/export of pets to/from the UK and other countries can be found at

Example: Fees from JFK Airport to London by cargo are $1,200 for a small container 26X18X19; $1,342 for a medium container 32X22X23, and $3,000 for a large container 54X36X44.

US 800-247-9297 Pet Passport 888-578-4806

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China Airlines No Yes

Travelers must have valid export/import permits from the relevant governments of your destination/transit countries; valid entry permits, health and rabies vaccination certificates from appropriate government authorities of your destination/transit countries, and any additional or special documents that may be required by governments of your destination/transit countries. Further information can be found at

Pets and their container are not included in the passenger’s free baggage allowance; fees for excess baggage can be found at the following site:

US 1-800-227-5118 Reservation Tel : 886-2-2715-1212 / Ticketing Tel : 886-2-2545-5700

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Delta Airline Yes Yes

Only 4 pets allowed per flight, so check ahead and confirm pet at reservation time.  There is no cert required for domestic flights. Dogs up to 20 pds in cabin. Dogs up to 100 pds in cargo. No snub-nosed dogs in cargo.

$125 each way (cabin), $200 each way domestic $200 each way Int'l (cargo)


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EI AI Yes Yes

Pets weighing no more than 8 kg with container may be transported in cabin (some exceptions) with an accompanying passenger; crate can be no larger than 40X40X21 centimeters, and must fit under the passenger’s seat. A Health/Vaccination Certificate and Entry Permits required by the relevant authorities at transit and/or end destination stations are required. The pet must be carried in a strong, closed container, purchased by its owners and approved by an El Al representative. A health/vaccination Certificate and Entry Permits are required by the relevant authorities at transit and/or destination stations. Information for the above can be found at

The cost of transporting pets is based on the weight of the pet + the carry-case + pet food. Pet weight of up to 8 kilos = $100 for one way; 9-50 kilos = $200 for one way; 51-100 kilos = $400 for one way. For pets weighing over 100 kilos, please contact EL AL Cargo in advance, at 03-9716679. The flights to Eilat are half the above prices.

US 800-223-6700

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Frontier Airline Yes No

Pets are allowed in cabins; they must fit comfortably in a 24 L”  X  15½” W  X  10” H; The kennel in cabins must be able to fit under the seat, and be in either the aisle or center seats only.

$75each way (cabin only)


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Iceland Air No Yes

All dogs must be booked in advance with reservations with exact weight and dimensions (inclusive of the pet's weight) of the crate for confirmation--including escort, rescue or sniffer dogs that are carried in the cabin. Pets may not be booked online. Only 4 animal crates can be carried per flight, but if 2 small dogs of the same species can fit comfortably they may share a crate. The cargo’s pet transport area is in a special climate-controlled environment. The passenger is responsible for their pet’s crate and for obtaining the proper pet documentation and requirements of the country they are going to. The fee for pet transport is the excess baggage charge depending on the destination: More information can be found at the following:

Dogs are charged an additional baggage fee of between $46 and $252 depending on which route and the weight of the dog. If your dog weighs more than 80 pounds (32 kg) then contact the airline for special arrangements.


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Japan Airlines Yes Yes

When traveling with your pet, come with the animal to our special pet check-in counter at all major airports at least 30 minutes prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time.

Carriers are available for rent, and they also have a free Pet Club that provides a variety of benefits.

Pet carriers are not provided for pets flying as cargo. Cargo is NOT accepted on CRJ / E70 aircrafts. 

Large pets weighing 32kgs or more traveling in a pet carrier must fly as cargo. Additional important pet travel information can be found at:

Due to their sensitivity, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are not allowed on either domestic or international flights.

Charges for each pet container will be assessed according to the route, and the charges range from $50 domestic up to $175 for international cargo. Per pet/carrier per route ¥5,000 (tax included) except for a list of routes listed on their website that are ¥3,000 (tax included).

US 800-525-3663 JP 0570-025-071 press 6 for english

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Jet Blue Yes No

4 pets allowed per flight; 20 lbs or less (with kennel) in cabin. Pets cannot be booked online.

$100 each way (cabin only)


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KLM Yes Yes

In the Cabin: Pets are allowed on all Economy Class cabin KLM flights, and Business Class KLM flights within Europe in a hard shell kennel no higher than 20 cm (7.9 in) and the pet and kennel weighing no more than 6 kg (13 lbs).

In Checked Baggage: Total weight of your pet and kennel combined may be no more than 75 kg (165 lbs), and they are kept in a ventilated, temp controlled area with oxygen. Check ahead for embargos between November and March. Always make reservations by telephone or through Manage my Booking at least 48 hours in advance. 

Kennels in both areas are limited and there are certain breed restrictions. Freight transportation is available if your pet and kennel weigh more than 75 kg (165 lbs). 

To find out which vaccinations, health certs, and travel documents are required and which rules apply to transporting your pet, check with the embassies of the country of departure and the country of destination. Be sure to do this well in advance.

If a pet travels as check-in baggage and the transfer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol takes longer than 2 hours, an extra fee of EUR 150 (or USD/CAD 200) applies. No pets in Business Class. Whether cabin or checked baggage; fees depend on the traveling zone of destination and range from $20 to $200 each way.

866-434-0320 or 800-618-0104

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Korean Air Yes Yes

Pets up to 5kg including kennel are allowed in the cabin 

Pets between 6kg and 32kg are allowed for cargo. 

Please refer to this website for information regarding pet travel regulations, reservation information, documentations required, and airport procedures.

On the home page—pull-down the menu under Customer Support then click on the link for Our Services and Fees for information regarding Korean Air services and fees between Asia and the Americas. Further fee information can be found for other countries at the following; Regardless of your free baggage allowance, you will be charged extra for your pet according to the excess baggage charge.

213-484-1900 (24hours Everyday); 800-438-5000 (24hours Everyday) (Toll Free in USA)

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LATAM (Brazil Airlines) Yes Yes

Pets weighing no more than 10 kg/22 lbs with the kennel are allowed in the cabin. For international flights, pets are accepted only in the business and economy class. The weight limit for cargo is 50kg/110lbs.

Anti-rabies Vaccination Certificate for animals over 3 months old, stating the name of the manufacturing laboratory, the vaccine type and the lot number is required. This vaccine must be given between 30 days up to one year before the departure (animals under three months of age not yet vaccinated must present authorization from veterinarian). Health certificates issued by the veterinarian are valid for 10 days from its issuance date. Additional important information regarding pet travel can be found at the following; 

In order to board animals that exceed the weight (50kg/110lbs) limit, contact the TAM CARGO Call Center at 1-888-235-9826

A fee of US$ 50.00 + the applicable excess baggage fee + taxes for destinations that use the weight system will be charged. For destinations that use the piece system, a fee corresponding of 2 excess luggage fees will be charged. A fee will be charged in the amount of ninety reais (R$ 90,00) + (weight of the kennel and the animal multiplied by the value corresponding to 0.5% of the published full fare).

US 888 2FLYTAM (235-9826)

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Lufthansa Yes Yes

In the cabin, the kennel mustn’t measure more than 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm, and is watertight and bite proof.

Animals are not included in the baggage allowance, and are counted as excess baggage. There must be at least 24 hours prior notice for pet transport.

Small/ max 8 kg; $50 to $100 depending on destination


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Qantas No Yes

On international flights or the domestic sector of international flights, or if you are not travelling with your pet, your pet must be sent as freight. Pets should be booked before confirming you own reservation to ensure you are travelling on the same flight. As there are some other restrictions and conditions, additional information can be located on their Travelling with Pets page at:

You will be required to pay excess baggage charges if your baggage, including your pet pack, exceeds the free baggage allowance. There is a limit of two (2) pet packs (no larger than the medium pet pack) per passenger, subject to normal baggage allowances. Additional pet packs will be sent as airfreight and you will be required to pay the applicable freight charges.


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Singapore Air No Yes

Valid export/import permits and valid health and rabies vaccination certificates from the relevant government authorities of your destination/transit countries are needed. For import, export or transshipment of pets into, out of or via Singapore respectively, please refer to the website of the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore at Essential documents, health and container requirements, comfort and care, and general animal travel service information can be found at:

Pets with containers will be treated as excess baggage and charged accordingly. Please refer to the 'Excess baggage charges' page for more information on the charges at

US 800-742-3333

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Swiss Air Yes Yes

Of Note: If you fly into Switzerland directly, you will be checked by Customs at the airport. A fee of CHF 88 is charged for this Customs check. If the animals do not meet the entry requirements, they will be confiscated by the Border Veterinary Service and must be returned immediately to their country of origin at the expense of the person bringing the animals into the country. If a return is not possible within 10 days, the animals must be put down. Check this site for further information

The cabin fee is $100 each way; cargo fee for a small kennel 60X45X40 is $200 each way, and all other kennels are $400 each way.

U.S. 877-359-7947

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United Airline Yes Yes

Contact 800-575-3335 for the "PetSafe" desk; 10 day Health Certificate;

$125 each way (cabin), $169 - $219 or more (cargo).

Reservations: 800-241-6522 Petsafe: 800-575-3335

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Virgin America Yes No

Pets can only be booked in the Main Cabin (Coach) and can not weigh over 20 pounds including the kennel which can be no larger than 18X15X8. Proof of current vaccinations is required.

One pet per seat purchased is allowed for a fee of $100 each way. (cabin only)

877.FLY.VIRGIN (877.359.8474)

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Virgin Atlantic No Yes

The Flying with Pet page details travel information, paperwork/microchip requirements, container requirements, and more. Additional important information needed can be found at Snub or pug nose breeds or any dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act can not be transported. Pet’s booking must be at least a week before your flight.

Check with shipping before booking tickets to make sure there is enough space for your pet. The cost of taking your dog or cat on one of the flights depends on the size of its travel box. Call with the length, height and width of the box to get an exact quote.

UK: +44 (0)844 873 8000 USA: 800-828-6822  or 800-862-8621

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